Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stargate: Universe - GateWorld: New details on SGU’s ‘Earth’

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New details on SGU’s ‘Earth’

Tuesday, March 17 (EPISODES)

New info has surfaced on the sixth episode of Stargate Universe!

A brief excerpt:

Brand new details have surfaced on “Earth,” the sixth episode of Stargate Universe’s premiere season! It turns out that that title is not just an element (like “Air,” “Fire” and “Water”) — it’s also the name of a planet.

Earth” brings some members of the new crew of the Destiny back home — or at least their consciences. As previously reported, an Ancient communications terminal discovered on board allows people on the ship to communicate with Earth from another galaxy, by swapping bodies with someone on Earth.

Guest characters in this episode include Dale Storm, Williams, and O’Neill. It is not known — but certainly possible — if this last character is a guest appearance by General Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson).

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