Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stargate SG-1 - Video: 'Thor's Hammer'

US geo-coded.

Courtesy of SciFi Channel and HULU, Stargate SG-1's 'Thor's Hammer' starring Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Don S. Davis. Guest stars include Galyn Görg, Vincent Hammond, Tamsin Kelsey, James Earl Jones (as the voice of the Unas) and Mark Gibbon.

In search of allies in their battle against the Goa'ulds, O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to the planet Cimmeria, home to the legendary Norse gods. But, Cimmeria has long ago been declared off-limits to Goa'ulds and when the team emerges from the Stargate, Teal'c, who as a Jaffa carries an infant Goa'uld within him, is trapped in a mysterious beam of light.

From the Richard Dean Anderson Website Stargate SG-1 Season One Mission Database:


* The stargate system may have been built by an ancient race other than the Goa'uld.
* There are two kinds of "star gods", the tyrants (eg. Goa'ulds) and the culture bearers (eg. Vikings)
* All Jaffa know the coordinates for Cimmeria to ensure no Goa'uld goes there.
* The hologram of Thor identified himself as "Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet".
* High Counsel of Asgard designated Cimmeria a safe world for developing sentient species by unanimous decree, era 40.73.29.
* Hall of Mjollnir is the location of Thor's Hammer in the underground Labyrinth from which only the host can leave alive.
* Unas was the first Goa'uld host, born of the same primordial waters as the Goa'uld, but became a myth. He has great regenerative powers, can use long periods of sleep to survive, and may have been in the Labyrinth for 1000 years.
* Other, older species have been used as Goa'uld hosts before humans.

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