Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stargate SG1 / Sanctuary - GateWorld: Amanda Tapping Video/Audio Interview

At GateWorld:


GateWorld talks with Amanda Tapping

One hundred interviews is quite a milestone for GateWorld co-editor David Read, and he is pleased to make Amanda Tapping his interview for the century mark!

With the character of Helen Magnus in development for three years, Tapping is eagerly paving the way for the role in Season Two of Sanctuary. But as an Executive Producer for the series she is taking in far more than just Magnus -- she is learning what it means to be a show runner.

GateWorld talks about this ongoing journey, as well as Amanda's recent charity work, the trip to the Arctic for Stargate Continuum, and her hopes of returning as Samantha Carter in the upcoming Stargate movies!

The interview runs 33 minutes, and is available in video, audio, and transcript form! The video version requires QuickTime, but it is is also available in Flash format at GateWorld Play.

For the audio version you can listen online at your leisure, or download it to your MP3 player.

A brief excerpt:

GW: What else is 2009 bringing for Amanda Tapping? Your charities? You mentioned Waterkeeper.
AT: Apparently the Board of Trustees is going to invite me to become a board member for the Waterkeepers. It’s an organization that’s hugely important to me, so I’ll be doing work with them.

We finish shooting our season in July and then we’re in post-production. I’ve been offered a film that would shoot in late summer/early fall called "Water’s Edge," which I’m excited about. And then the Stargate movie is potentially happening late fall, is what I’m hearing.

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