Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stargate SG1/Farscape's Ben Browder - Interview on 'Freeze Frame'

At the Ben Browder Portal:

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Ben talks about Freeze Frame and Other Stuff

LAScaper interviewed Ben about his new role in the upcoming movie Freeze Frame. But talking to Ben rarely results in a straight question and answer session. The topics of conversation included the nature of veterans health issues highlighted in Freeze Frame, the movie’s promotional website, Freeze Frame’s award winning writer and producer Jonas McCord, when is a blog not a blog, the idea that artistic expression may affect social change, how tuned in fans are to his projects, coaching high school pole vaulting, fear of the dentist leads to sanity in stunt work, the joys of rhyming poetry, family pets, and then back to the subject at hand.

Freeze Frame is intended to add to the centuries old conversation about taking care of the men and women that fight to protect our freedoms. “What you’re really talking about is the state of individuals who return from war. And how they cope. In my estimation it’s a human story.” One thing’s for sure when you’re talking to Ben Browder - it’s always interesting!

Freeze Frame

Ben Browder's Freeze Frame Blog


ixchup said...

thank you, Morjana for posting the Freeze Frame website URL and the link to Ben's blog entry. I loved LAScaper's interview with Ben because as usual the man was humble, intelligent, funny, and extremely conversant about literature, politics, his own philosphies, and especially why he is working on Freeze Frame.

I also want to welcome you to Freeze Frame because I saw you registered (I'm the creator and webmaster of the site :) ) Hope you come back often because Ben will be continuing his conversation there.

morjana said...

Dear ixchup,

You're very welcome.

My family has a long history of service in the US armed forces, and we're strong supporters.

I've seen a video clip from 'Freeze Frame' and was very impressed -- of course with Ben's acting, but also of the material.

Will visit the 'Freeze Frame' site often and wish everyone working on the project the very best.