Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stargate: Universe - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog Update Apr 21 '09

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for April 21, 2009:

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April 21, 2009: Advice and Observation Cookies, In Life We Are All Winners (Although Some Of Us Are Clearly Bigger Winners Than Others), More Scripts On Deck, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots on Hoth.

... Hey, I read the first draft of Time yesterday (Rob apparently wrote it during his free time driving to and from work every day) and it is brilliant. Now “brilliant” is a word I tend to reserve for works of supreme magnificence like Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” or my Aunt Fannie’s Russian Teacakes, but it applies here to a script that is, without a doubt, the very best of its kind. It’s delightfully intricate and thoroughly engaging, full of surprising twists and heart-rending character moments.

And speaking of character moments - today, I read Brad’s finished version of Darkness and Light. This one has got me very excited as well, particularly for the remained climactic sequence.

After lunch, Carl, Paul, Lawren, and I headed over to the set in Stage 2 or what I’m referring to as Hoth. Brian and Justin regaled us with their interpretation of Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots after which we chatted until the airborne particulates threatened to choke off my airway, forcing me back out - but not before marveling over Brian’s commitment to learning everything he can about the production process. Not only does he hang around set to watch them shoot scenes he isn’t even in but, the other day, he actually accompanied Carl and co. on a location survey! Not only does this kid have a terrific attitude - polite, humble, hardworking - but he’s a fantastic actor as well. Since nobody’s perfect, I fully expect to eventually find out he’s a robot or an alien doing an all-too-good impersonation of a human life form - but hopefully that won’t happen until the end of season one at the earliest.

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