Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stargate Universe - Space Channel's The Circuit - Fri Apr 3 - Robert Carlyle

Airing this week on Canada's Space Channel's current event series, 'The Circuit,' on Friday April 3 at 7:30ET/4:30PT:

Phil Tippett and Star Wars: Next week SPACE is running an Easter Weekend Movie Marathon featuring all 6 Star Wars Movies… So to whet your Lucas whistle we thought we would treat you to an exclusive interview with one of the visual effects masters behind one of the original trilogy’s most celebrated battles!

Stargate Universe: The Circuit features a tease with Robert Carlyle, star of the newest Stargate franchise Stargate Universe.

The elderly and video games: It looks like videogames are not just for the young anymore. As our own Natasha Eloi found out, certain senior residences are now swapping shuffle and checker boards for the exciting and entertaining world of videogames!

Android Board Game: Ajay Fry joins The Circuit’s board game guru Nug Nahrgang to put the hit Fantasy Flight game Android through its paces.

Angel of Death: Teddy Wilson chats with Zoe Bell (actress, stunt legend, star of Tarantino’s Death Proof) about her new web series Angel of Death. The web series follows an ass-kicking female mafia assassin, who becomes haunted by her former victims.

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