Monday, May 11, 2009

Stargate SG-1 - 6pm Weekday Rotation Episodes week May 11 '09

From's schedulebot, the Stargate SG-1 6pm weekday rotation episodes for the week of May 11 '09 on the SciFi Channel (US):

5/11/2009 URGO - In honor of the late Dom DeLuise - Thank you SciFi Channel!

5/12/2009 THOR'S HAMMER - Galyn Görg, Vincent Hammond, Tamsin Kelsey and the voice of James Earl Jones guest star

5/13/2009 THE TORMENT OF TANTALUS - Elizabeth Hoffman, Keene Curtis, Duncan Fraser and Paul McGillion guest star - written by Robert C. Cooper and directed by Jonathan Glassner - a beautiful episode with outstanding performances by Keene Curtis and Elizabeth Hoffman!

5/14/2009 BLOODLINES - Salli Richardson, Neil Denis guest star and the introduction of Bra'tac portrayed by Tony Amendola

5/15/2009 5:30P FIRE AND WATER - Gerard Plunkett, Gary Jones and Eric Schneider guest star

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