Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sanctuary - SciFi Wire: What really happened to Sanctuary's Ashley

At SyFy's SciFi Wire:

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What really happened to Sanctuary's Ashley

By Kathie Huddleston
3:26 PM ON 10/30/09

Syfy's Sanctuary did it: Last Friday's episode killed off Ashley (Emilie Ullerup).

Or did it? "Nobody dies in sci-fi," creator Damian Kindler said with a laugh. "No body. Habeas corpus."

In last week's ep, "Eulogy," Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Will (Robin Dunne) failed to find Ashley's body after she apparently gave her life to avoid killing her mom, and everyone accepted that Ashley had truly gone to that big abnormal zoo in the sky.

But why kill her off? Did Ullerup want more money? Have another job waiting in the wings? Were there personality conflicts behind the scenes? Maybe she wanted to go off to college or work for Obama?...

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