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Stargate Universe - Titan Magazines: Stargate Magazine Special Offer

At Titan Magazines:

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STARGATE MAGAZINE ISSUE 31 - On sale October 27 '09

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Get a taste of the official Stargate Magazine with an exclusive download edition (PDF file, 1.9MB). Check out our guide to the new show, go inside the writers’ room, read interviews with stars Robert Carlyle and Louis Ferriera, and much more! Either print it out or browse on screen.

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OK, so we can't announce what it is yet, but Stargate Magazine can confirm that we will have an amazing money-can't-buy Stargate prize to give away very, very soon. We'll be announcing the prize draw via our monthly ezine, featuring the latest news, offers, exclusive content and sweepstakes. To make sure you don't miss out on your chance to win, sign up here.

New issue on newsstands now!

As well as offering essential coverage of the latest stunning entry in the Stargate franchise, Stargate: Universe, the latest issue of Stargate Magazine has a special Villains theme, and features an interview with Cliff Simon, the actor behind, officiallly, Stargate's most sinister character. The powerful System Lord has beaten off competition from Michael Kenmore, Todd, Adria, and Anubis to be voted top Stargate villain by readers of and the official Stargate Magazine.


The Universe Interview – David Blue

Securing a regular role in Stargate Universe, actor David Blue found himself on a journey that took him far from his usual televisual stomping grounds. In the latest issue of Stargate Magazine, Blue gives us the lowdown on the Universe experience and discusses what makes his character Eli Wallace tick: “Eli knows he’s smart. He’s not a genius in that he was born an Einstein, but he can figure things out and see patterns in things. One of the reasons I think he has a good sense of humor is that he can see patterns in the world and find the humor in certain things. That’s who Eli is, and because he applied his intelligence to random things, he never truly found his way.”

The SG-1 Interview – Cliff Simon

From his first appearance, it was obvious that Ba’al was the villain of SG-1’s nightmares – and it’s no surprise that he’s just been voted the Stargate franchise’s best ever bad guy! Cunning, manipulative, and dangerous, he tormented our heroes to the last. The man behind the evil grin, Cliff Simon, recalls his reign of intergalactic villainy in the latest issue: “I loved it – the minute I put on the beautiful costumes that they made for me, Ba’al’s boots and all that kind of stuff, I just fell into the character – he really became a part of me. I think it was perfect – everything about it was just right. I could have carried on playing that character for another 10 years!”

Know your enemy: Villains of Stargate

There have been a variety of threatening groups hoping to wipe out the men and women of Stargate Command and Atlantis, or failing that, to take over their planet/galaxy/place of work. Marking a special Villains issue of Stargate Magazine, we present a guide to the best (and worst) Stargate villains. Plus, we take an inside glimpse of the workings of evil organization the N.I.D., complete with bonus notes from Richard Woolsey and General O’Neill...

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