Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stargate Universe - Fused Film: John G. Lenic Exclusive Interview

At Fused Film:

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Exclusive Interview! Diving Deeper into Stargate Universe with Producer John G. Lenic!

By Kevin Coll • October 29, 2009

So today was a particularly interesting day as I got to chat with one of the producers of SGU and longtime member of the Stargate production team John G. Lenic. He joined the team in 1996 as a production assistant and has remained with all incarnations of the franchise from SG-1, Atlantis and now SGU. He currently serves as a producer of the new series.

JG and I got to really hash out some of the most talked about issues revolving around SGU and address perhaps some of the most pressing questions surrounding the show as it enters its 5th week on the Syfy Network maybe even unlocking some of those questions you have been itching for even getting some insight into possibly explorations for Season 2 of the series.

Now I want to tell you there is no major spoilers in this interview there may be some light allusions of things to come but nothing that reveals anything special in the show’s future. We do not believe in spoilers and want to be just as surprised as you the readers for the coming episodes of the show...

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