Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SyFy: Bond Movie Marathon Thanksgiving Day

It's Bond, James Bond all day Thanksgiving Day on SyFy!

08:00A DR. NO - One of my top five Bond flicks (On Her Majesty's Secret Service is my very favorite) - Sean Connery is the best Bond (IMHO)

10:30A LICENSE TO KILL - Timothy Dalton as James Bond

1:30P LIVE AND LET DIE - Roger Moore as James Bond (my least favorite)

4:00P SPY WHO LOVED ME, THE - Another Moore Bond. The book was far, far, FAR superior to this flick. (Totally different plot.)

6:30P TOMORROW NEVER DIES - Pierce Brosnan as Remington..., er, James Bond

9:00P CASINO ROYALE - Daniel Craig as James Bond

12:00A FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - Roger Moore (again)

02:30A MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - And yet again, Roger Moore

And the Bond movie marathon continues on November 25 '09:

08:00A THUNDERBALL - Sean Connery

10:30A FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - Sean Connery (another top 5 contender)

1:00P YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE - Sean Connery


6:00P CASINO ROYALE - Daniel Craig

9:00P GOLDENEYE - Pierce Brosnan

12:00A GOLDFINGER - Sean Connery (another top 5 contender)

2:30A NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN - Sean Connery

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