Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stargate Universe - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog - Destiny Shuttle Production Artwork

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for March 11, 2010:

(Please follow the link for the complete blog update, view the new MGM SGU trailer, or view ALL the SGU production artwork in their original format.)

The New SGU 1.5 Trailer! Shuttle Specs! One episode title guessed; four to go!

I’m sure most of you have already seen it but for those who haven’t, here’s the awesome SGU 1.5 trailer courtesy of Grey Munford and the gang at MGM [at the link above].

For more vids, pics, and behind-the-scenes scoops, check out:

Now, I believe I promised you some designs and schematics of the Destiny shuttle…

Int. Shuttle Illustration - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Air.

Congratulations to Chevron7 who was correctly guessed one of the new episode titles…

Episode #6: **** AN* *R***

Episode #7: T*E *R*A*** ****

Episode #8: *A****

Episode #9: ???

Episode #10: RESURGENCE

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