Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stargate Universe - Media Blvd. Magazine: Transcript Smith/Ferreira Press Conference

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A Possible Emmy In The Works? : SGU Returns from Hiatus and Ferreira and Smith Spill the Beans

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Editors Note: The fist two episodes of the next half of SGU, “Space” and “Divided” were released to the press prior to this call. This article does contain a spoiler, but not one that is unexpected, and not the details of how it is implemented. So stop reading now if that is an issue.

As we return to the Destiny, the strife between the civilian and military crew members, forced to co-exist aboard the ancient star ship explodes. The first two entries in this second ten of the fledging entry into the Stargate Universe establish two facts unequivocally; one this is the best science fiction show currently in production for US television (and maybe the best drama also), and two, if there isn’t an Emmy in this for at least two of the cast members, then there is something wrong with that process. Ming-Na and Louis Ferreira (along with another actor) stand apart from the ensemble cast in these two episodes in scenes that explode the conflict and distrust between civilian and military control aboard the Destiny. This story line is done in a way relevant to real world politics, and that echoes the best sentiments of relevancy previously reserved for the network’s Battlestar Galactica, a show which once dealt with a similar theme. Watch these two as their relationship expands and explodes, or you are missing out on some of the best acting and character development of the year, maybe ever for the network. And you won’t believe what Camile Wray does to Col. Young, and will come to understand why, if he is the father figure of the crew, she needs a good spanking! (inside joke). Spoilers won’t be revealed here, other than to say that Rush isn’t really gone for long (but details can be found elsewhere on the internet) and that this show firmly establishes itself as what it is: the flagship series of the SyFy Channel.

By Kenn Gold


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