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Stargate Universe - Spinoff Online: David Blue Interview

At Spinoff Online:

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David Blue Geeks Out On Stargate Universe

By Jeffrey Renaud
April 30, 2010


David Blue as Eli Wallace from Stargate Universe's 'Lost.'

With scene-stealing roles in shows like Ugly Betty and Moonlight to his credit, David Blue went where no man had gone before for his dream gig as Math Boy Eli Wallace on Syfy’s Stargate Universe. Okay, MacGyver and Alan Shore have been through the Stargate as well, but you get the point.

An MIT dropout, Eli Wallace is brilliant but lacks the drive to get him anywhere fast. That all changes when he solves a math problem embedded in a video game and finds himself working alongside Machiavellian mastermind Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) aboard the Destiny in a galaxy far, far away.

Blue is no math slouch himself: He was a calculus major in college before switching to theater arts. SpinOff Online spoke to Blue about his role on Syfy’s hit franchise, and he also shared his thoughts on the final five hours of Lost, particle acceleration and what Lieutenant Scott’s must-play video game is.

A brief excerpt:

Eli’s a gamer and actually landed his spot on Destiny after solving a math problem embedded in a video game. Are you much of a gamer yourself?
DB: "Yeah, but it gets harder the more I work. I’m lucky that I’ve been lucky in my career. And the more I work, the less time I have for games. But I do own an Xbox 360, a PlayStation, a Wii, a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo and a PC.

My favorite games used to always be RPGs. I love first-person shooters. I never really got into Madden and all that, but I played it with friends.

It’s funny because Brian J. Smith, who plays Lieutenant Scott, keeps telling me that I need to buy certain games. I don’t know how he finds the time to play games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2. He’s like, “We need to play on Xbox Live.” I just have no idea how he finds time to play video games."


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