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Stargate Universe - SFX Magazine Issue #196 - Alaina Huffman Interview

SFX Magazine (UK) Issue 196

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SFX Issue 196

Terry Pratchett guest edits as we shine the spotlight on the fearless females taking over British telly

Guest Edited By Terry Pratchett

Yep, you read that right. The one and only Terry Pratchett has taken over SFX for one month only to help us launch the Summer Of SF Reading in rib-ticklingly irreverent style. This isn’t your average name-on-the-cover kind of job though, Sir Terry has contributed to all sections of the magazine from his hilarious Ed Zone to a “We Love SF” dedicated to Oblivion modding.

Who’s In Charge

Hmm, has anyone else noticed the brilliant female roles in some of our favourite British Sci-fi shows at the moment? Well we did so we only went and interviewed six of the best from the likes of Doctor Who, Merlin, Misfits and Being Human. Boys, who needs ‘em?

A Nightmare On Elm Street

The remake hits screens in little over a week, so we risk insomnia and mental psychosis to bring you the man behind the knives. Includes a chat with pizza face himself Jackie Earle Haley and the five freakiest Freddy moments.


He’s a former vampire, time agent and alien brain-box but James Marsters can currently be found blowing stuff up and terrorizing little girls on Caprica, we have words. Stargate Universe’s TJ, Alaina Huffman, also jumps through the wormhole for a chat and author Adam Roberts talks New Model Army.


Stargate Universe's Alaina Huffman Teaser Interview:

The actress who plays TJ reckons she was in a similar position to her character
when she joined the franchise

In an exclusive interview in the new SFX (out next Wednesday), actress Alaina Huffman, who plays First Lieutenant Tamara "TJ" Johansen in the latest Stargate spin-off, Universe, reveals how she felt that she was in a similar position to her character – initially overwhelmed by the situation she found herself in. Especially as regards the negative reactions to the show and her character from some corners of the Stargate fanbase.
"I think initially some of us paid a little too much attention to the blogs and the fanbase," she says. "We had to learn for ourselves not to listen to that because it can be really horrible. They can be really mean. But people are entitled to their opinions… I thought it was a positive that these characters are growing and developing. I know it is different from the Stargate brand, since we are all not sure of ourselves, but I think it's more representative of the truth, to be quite honest. I think all of us in life are in a position to grow and it can be overwhelming. As a person I am starting this new show with a huge fanbase and it's got its grip on the world. I can definitely relate to TJ. She goes into it saying, `I know I can do it and I know I am good at what I do but this is really overwhelming.' I don't think that takes away from her strength at all. I think in fact all of the bones are there but she just has to muscle up and that's representative of all the characters."

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