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Stargate Universe - TV Squad: Alaina Huffman Interview

At TV Squad:

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Alaina Huffman on the 'Stargate Universe' Season Finale, Season Two, and More

by Mike Moody, posted May 21st 2010


Life is tough aboard Destiny, the wandering spaceship that's home to the crew of Syfy's 'Stargate Universe.' The food is bad, the morale is low, and there's always a chance that a gang of creepy blue aliens will attack the ship or kidnap you from your quarters.

Life is even tougher for Tamara Johansen, aka T.J., played by Alaina Huffman. She's the ship's only medic, she had an affair with her commanding officer, and she's also pregnant. That last storyline came about due to Huffman's real-life pregnancy (she had a baby girl last December), which the 'SGU' team decided to work into the show.

I spoke with Huffman recently about T.J.'s pregnancy, the fan reaction to the show, and about what we could expect from the first season finale and the upcoming second season of 'SGU.' Click through for the goods, and to find out if she plans to slip back into that tight leather costume again to play Black Canary on 'Smallville.'

A brief excerpt:

Are you satisfied with how the season ends and what do you think fans will think about the finale?
AH: "I think they'll be pleased. There's some 'Stargate' mythology, and I think the fans will like that. There's stuff that blows up and there's guns that fire, so I think that will please the fans. And then more than that, I think because we did the work to develop the characters and the relationships, all of those things pay off when things blow up. And when we travel through the gate, it's not just about traveling through the gate. It's about "why are these people traveling through the gate to do this?" And that's the depth you get because we've developed the characters..."

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