Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sanctuary - Ottawa Citizen: Sci-fi show finds Sanctuary in Vancouver

At the Ottawa Citizen (Canada):

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Sci-fi show finds Sanctuary in Vancouver

By Katherine Monk, Canwest News Service June 11, 2010

VANCOUVER - Ian Tracey's face is black, blue and bloody, but he's not getting any love from a stone-faced Amanda Tapping. Dressed in black leathers and knee-high boots, the veteran actor is getting tough with this alien brand of Cybil - an "abnormal" with multiple personalities - because, well, the survival of humanity depends on it.

Welcome to the Vancouver set of Sanctuary - "the little show that could."

A special-effects and character-driven series recently picked up for its third season by Canadian and US networks, Sanctuary is just the latest Sci-Fi skein to call Vancouver home - carrying on a legacy forged nearly 20 years ago with the birth of X-Files and the eventual installation of the Stargate spin-off family.

... Sanctuary airs in Canada on Space, and in the US on SyFy. Sanctuary Season 2 is available on DVD June 15.


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