Monday, June 21, 2010

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Robert C. Cooper departing Stargate

At GateWorld:

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Robert C. Cooper departing Stargate

Sunday - June 20, 2010
by Darren Sumner

Robert C. Cooper and Carl Binder on the Stargate Universe Destiny set. Photo courtesy of Joseph Mallozzi's blog.

Robert C. Cooper, one of the Stargate franchise’s most veteran writer/producers, is moving on. Cooper will leave Stargate next month, fellow SGU executive producer Joseph Mallozzi announced on his blog.
“I’m not leaving completely, actually — just stepping back to more of a consulting role for the end of this season,” Cooper told GateWorld. “However, my credit will remain Executive Producer. We’ve already developed most of Season Two and I feel very confident leaving the show in good hands.”

Cooper’s final contribution to the stalwart franchise will be a stage panel appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, promoting the second season of Stargate Universe (now in production). He also tells GateWorld that he’ll be writing one more episode for late Season Two...

...Stay tuned to GateWorld for more exclusive comments straight from Rob Cooper on his decision to step back from the show, and just what his responsibilities will be for the remainder of Season Two’s production.

We’d like to thank Rob Cooper for his part in more than a decade of great television, and wish him Godspeed in his next endeavor!

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