Friday, July 27, 2007

Stargate Atlantis/A Dog's Breakfast - David Hewlett Blog Update 7/27/07

From David Hewlett's blog at A Dog's Breakfast:

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Comicon Crazy!

Written by dgeek

Saturday, 28 July 2007

How great is it to be surrounded by over 100,000 of your own? These are my peeps! These are the Comicon geeks!

We've just done a massive Stargate Atlantis panel for about 4000 fans here in sunny, sweaty San Diego and signed a few hundred posters for those that could stand the heat of the endless line-ups. I couldn't hear a damn thing on the panel. So, instinct kicked in and I took the defensively smiling meerkat stance of polite attention with a slight edge of alertness for danger. No problem hearing the questions from the floor, just impossible to make out the words of anyone on the
stage with me...perhaps it's better that way ;-)


A Dog's Breakfast is being beautifully flaunted on the "other" side of all the Stargatge Atlantis posters, with trailers blaring from the MGM booth (so I'm told...they won't let me out there!).

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