Monday, December 24, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - ANOTHER NEW SciFi Channel Promo ad for SGA

Holy Cow! Another new promo commercial...

Announcer Voice Over: "And now, an inside look at the all new season of Stargate Atlantis, brought to you by Alien vs Predator: Requiem."

Clips of:

Sam and Shep at Atlantis

A door being violently's Ronon with a battering ram, two guys wearing non-SGA uniforms behind him, entering the room with weapons drawn

Shep turning his head to look at someone/something

Aboard a puddlejumper, McKay, and sitting behind McKay, Rodney

Ronon (in a cave, or Wraith environment), being fired upon by an energy weapon, and firing his own energy weapon towards someone/something

Shep, McKay and Ronon (in shadow), entering a cave, daylight behind them

Shep, McKay and Ronon running through a cave (or could be inside a Wraith environment)

AVO: "Each a force to be feared..."

Shep, Ronon and Teyla standing in the Atlantis gate room

Two Replicators stepping into the frame, with their weapons drawn

Todd the Wraith, standing, looking at Rodney (looks like a clip from "Miller's Crossing")

Shep; "What the hell is going on?" Shep, dressed in black, flat on the surface of something...looking up at someone

AVO: "now they're gunning for each other."

Rodney at Atlantis, standing in front of a computer (his back to it), talking with someone

Sam, seated at Atlantis, turning her head looking at someone/something

View of small ships (possibly darts) swarming what appears to be a F303, with explosions

Shep (in a Wraith environment, crouched behind a pillar or something), being fired upon by energy weapons, and firing his P90

Rodney talking to a dark haired woman who is wearing all white(about a F303) (Holy Crap! Is that Chaya? From Sanctuary?) Woman says "It's my reason for being."

AVO: "Wraith vs Replicators..."

View of Todd the Wraith standing at a Wraith ship console

View of human looking people (non Stargate personnel) in what looks like an Atlantis control room...the woman in white is there...

Sam: "We have to act now." (On Atlantis, talking with Rodney)

AVO: "Only on the all new season of Stargate Atlantis premiering Friday January 4th at 10 on SciFi."

Rodney and McKay (in a clip previously shown last week), at a console somewhere

Shep sitting in an Ancient weapons control chair

Ronon with a fighting stick in a SGC Hallway

SGA Title card

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