Monday, December 24, 2007

Stargate Atlantis - SciFi Channel promo for SGA's Midway


SciFi Channel just ran a NEW 20 second promo commercial for SGA's "Midway" episode, starring Christopher Judge as Teal'c!

Announcer Voice Over: "And now, an inside look at the all new season of Stargate Atlantis, brought to you by Alien vs Predator: Requiem"

Clips of:

Sam and Shep at Atlantis

Shep, McKay and Ronon (in shadow), entering a cave, daylight behind them

Shep turning his head to look at someone/something

Aboard a puddlejumper, McKay, and sitting behind McKay, Rodney

Ronon (in a cave, or Wraith environment), being fired upon by an energy weapon, and firing his own energy weapon towards someone/something

View of small ships (possibly darts) swarming what appears to be a F303, with explosions

Shep, McKay and Ronon running through a cave (or could be inside a Wraith environment)

AVO: "Two warriors..."

Ronon, in the Atlantis commissary, standing but leaning down on a table, staring at Teal'c...and not looking too friendly at someone

Teal'c (wearing his Jaffa robes), seated at the table, starring back up at Ronon

AVO: "One team..."

Shep and a whole gaggle of SGA personnel armed to the teeth aboard some F303, all pointing their weapons at someone/something, and walking forward

Teal'c, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt, and armed with some big weapon, aboard a F303, and firing on some Wraith, Ronon moves up from behind Teal'c, firing an Earth weapon (rifle of some kind) at someone/something off screen

AVO: "And only one can be the alpha."

Back at the Atlantis commissary, Teal'c seated, Ronon standing and whipping out his energy weapon and pointing it at Teal'c!

View of Ronon looking really, really upset towards Teal'c, with his weapon pointed at Teal'c

Aboard a F303, Teal'c in his Jaffa robes and Ronon having a stare down

Shep: "What's the problem here?" (At the Atlantis commissary, with Ronon standing in front of the table Teal'c is seated at)

AVO: "Teal'c vs Ronon..."

Teal'c and Ronon battling it out with Teyla's fight sticks, in an Atlantis corridor packed with personnel watching the fight, Teal'c swings at Ronon, Ronon ducks, Teal'c turns (his back to Ronon), Ronon raises his stick to whack Teal'c, Teal'c leans back with his stick to block Ronon's strike

Ronon does one of his flying leap/jumps at Teal'c with the fighting sticks...oh, there's a kick in there too

AVO: "Only on the all new season of Stargate Atlantis premiering Friday January 4th at 10 on SciFi."

View of Sam standing in the Atlantis gateroom

Shep coming around a F303 hallway corner, armed with his P90, moving forward

Ronon, in a SGC hallway, swinging one of the fighting sticks

SGA Title card

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