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Stargate Atlantis - Notes on Midway

Notes on the Stargate Atlantis episode, "Midway."

Spoilers ahead, so if you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading now.

McKay: "We've made a terrible mistake. We never should have revived Kavanagh!"

Regarding the "previously on" teaser for Midway from season three's episode, "The Return, Part 1," NEW Rodney dialogue is included. The line, "The program is completely secure, no need for a shield or an iris" was not in the broadcast episode of "The Return, Part 1," and if you listen closely, you can hear the drop-off in the sound that possibly indicates the dialogue was edited to include this line.

Somewhat similar to what happened in the fifth season Stargate SG-1 episode, "The Sentinel," where new video was filmed to show Grieves and Kershaw being taken prisoner at the end of season three's episode, "Shades of Grey."

I loved "Midway!" Many thanks to Carl Binder (and all the writers) for a wonderful script, and to Andy Mikita for marvelous direction.

Woo-hoo! Teal'c in Atlantis! I've been missing seeing Christopher Judge in a NEW performance, and the cockles of my heart were very warm from seeing Teal'c in "Midway." What a lovely post-Valentine Day's gift to the fans.

Loved McKay's performance in the Midway control room when he realized that in venting the atmosphere, he would more than likely kill Sheppard. And Dr. Lee placing his hand on Rodney's shoulder, as Rodney struggles with the decision he has to make. Two terrific, very understated, powerful performances.

And Bill Dow was excellent in this episode as Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee's character has picked up snark, a lot of confidence, and wiliness.


1) Why didn't the SF's at Midway take a defensive posture on an unscheduled Pegasus activation? ESPECIALLY as they have no shield or iris?

2) Atlantis submit's a DAILY status report? Micro-management much?

3) Why didn't Harriman raise the blast door when that Wraith weapon rolled in through the SGC gate? Granted, they had received the Midway IDIC, but that's not something you see every day (hopefully). Also, granted, it wouldn't have done any good, but why not at least make the effort?

4) The Wraith are also a tad too arrogant. Why didn't they set up a security detail at either of the Midway or SGC gate rooms? Tsk, tsk…


1) In Teal'c's and Ronon's quarters, the small commode built into the bulkhead -- right by the entrance. Charming.

2) Background actor Peter Kufluk (who had a line in SG1's "The Lost City, Part 2") was on-duty in the SGC control room. Nice touch of continuity.

3) Loved the Midway logo on the jumpsuits and on the walls of the Midway station.

Uniform Logo

4) In the scene where Sheppard joins McKay to watch the monitor and chat with the Wraith, I noticed the SF in the background (Hester?) signal to his men, and they stepped into intersecting hallways and took up defensive positions.

5) Shep orders Dr. Lee to drag the two unconscious SF into the Midway control room. Always concerned for his men.

6) As Shep leaves the Midway control room, he stops and gets some extra ammo from one of the unconscious SF's on the deck.

7) Loved how Teal'c broke the neck of one of the Wraith drones he was fighting. Go Teal'c!

8) Loved how Rodney, upon entering the puddle jumper, when immediately to the control console to prepare for flight.

9) Ronon holding his Earth weapon in his left hand, reaching down and grabbing his blaster with his right hand, and firing both in two different directions at the same time.

10) Rodney, before he steps in front of Dr. Lee on their way to the puddle jumper, pushes down Dr. Lee's hand holding the sidearm.

11) Ronon with a single hand wave greeting those inside the puddle jumper when the hatch opens.


I loved these exchanges:

Carter: "CARTER: …In the meantime it's important that we get through these interviews as smoothly as possible and not create any waves."

Shep: "SHEPPARD: Big waves – we're talking tsunamis."

Shep (to Ronon): "Be a good boy."

Ronon: "I hate you."

Sam (to Chuck): "Dial the bridge, Chuck."

Teal'c (to Ronon): "I would very much like to have a weapon such as this."

Ronon: "Get in line."

Ronon (to Teal`c): "You say that a lot." [Indeed]

Teal`c: "What?"

Ronon: "Indeed."

Teal`c: "Do I?"

Ronon: "Yeah."

Teal`c: "I had not noticed."

Ronon: "Yeah – they said they like me."

Sheppard: "Well, what's not to like?"


1) Mentioning Todd. Did he really actively participate in revealing the code? Or did the other Wraith allude to Todd's assistance in an effort to harm Todd's status with the Lanteans?

2) I thought the Ronon/Teal'c exchange:

Teal'c: "Do you not speak, Ronon Dex?"

Ronon: "Not when I've got nothing to say."

Was reminiscent of dialogue between Elizabeth Hoffman and Teal'c in Stargate SG-1's season one episode, "The Torment of Tantalus":

Cat: "You speak."

Teal'c: "When it is appropriate."

And Dr. Lee's dialogue:

Dr. Lee (to whoever is dialing in at Midway): "Welcome to Midway!" - Wraith arrive

Dr. Lee: "This couldn't get any worse." - Wraith start firing blasters at control room door.

Was reminiscent to Rodney's comments in "Adrift."

(Every time he'd comment on the situation, things would get worse.)


When Teal'c and Ronon duck out of sight of some Wraith early on in the episode, I noticed the EVA suits hanging on the bulkhead behind them. Hmmm…wonder if they're going to be useful towards the end of the episode?

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