Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stargate SG-1 - TV Guide Online: Get a sneak peek at the new Stargate movie

From TV Guide Online:

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A Sneak Peek Inside Stargate's Ark of Truth


Although Ark concludes the series, at least one more 'Gate movie is just about finished. Continuum, which was made with Ark last spring, is a stand-alone story set in the Arctic. Richard Dean Anderson is back for this alternate time-line venture, where no Stargate program exists and the long-vanquished Goa-uld rule. "Hopefully these will demonstrate that we still have SG-1 stories to tell," Cooper says. That means more DVDs could be on the way, though there are no deals yet.

Sci Fi hasn't signed off on Stargate: Universe, Cooper and co-producer Brad Wright's third franchise entry, which will have a new setting yet allow for crossovers from the other series. In the meantime, Atlantis will be back for Season 5 this summer (probably July), and SG-1's Michael Shanks will make a two-episode visit mid-season.

— Ileane Rudolph

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