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Stargate Atlantis - Questions for Mark Dacascos?

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for July 25, 2008:

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July 25, 2008: With Special Guest - Award-Winning Artist/Illustrator/Designer John Picacio

Tyre (Mark Dacascos) and Ronon (Jason Momoa)

Just a reminder to tune in to Sci Fi at 10:00 p.m. tonight to catch this week’s episode, Broken Ties. Jason Momoa acted his heart out in this one, giving his best performance to date, so be sure to check it out. The episode also offers nice moments for fans of the Sheppard-Ronon friendship, explores certain aspects of the wraith feeding process, focuses on Teyla’s struggle to reconcile motherhood with her off-world exploits, and even gives a glimpse of a more sympathetic Woolsey. It also features one of the most beloved guest stars in Stargatedom (so far as the crew is concerned), Mark Dacascos, who reprises his role as Tyre, the former Satedan last seen in season four’s Reunion. Despite an incredibly busy schedule (and I’m sure he’ll fill us in on what he’s been up to), Mark will be doing a guest spot here sometime next week. Starting tomorrow, once the episode has aired, I’ll start gathering questions for Mark and gather them over the next couple of days. So if you have a question for Mark, let’s hear it.

Mark Dacascos as Tyre


The mailbag:

Rose writes: “I’m just curious why you decided to go in a different direction for Atlantis. I’m not saying that a McKay/Keller romance is necessarily a bad thing but it seems like a pretty risky venture.”

Answer: By and large, our interest in a possible storyline rests on its potential to develop as-yet-unexplored facets of our characters. We ask ourselves “Is this story worth pursuing?” and “Why?”. In the case of this (or, in fact, any romantic arc), we also have to ask ourselves whether it is “good” for the characters involved, be they McKay, Keller, or Ronon. Does the storyline allow us to flesh out their characters by placing them in atypical situations? Can the storyline give us a glimpse of the characters at their most human and vulnerable states? If the answer is yes, then that particular storyline will get the go-ahead. One of our aims over the past couple of years has been to focus on the relationships between the various members of the expedition. In real life, friendships form over time. But, occasionally, so does romance.

Thornyrose writes: “Could you re-list the scheduled guest bloggers, and when questions for them will be taken, and/or about when they are going to appear on the site?”

Answer: I’ll give you the heads up as we get closer to their various appearances. For the guest authors, simply check the right-hand border. Robert C. Cooper is presently working on the fan questions I sent his way. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be gathering questions for Mark Dacascos. Some time next week, it’ll be questions for Stargate Atlantis Director of Photography Jim Menard and Production Designer James Robbins.


Squall78 writes: “I read an article that MGM wants a new series and a pair of new movies here…

What does this mean for SGA or is this article just taking info out of context? It seems MGM has approved SGU and 2 new movies. Any clarification would be appreciated.”

Answer: It’s no secret that MGM is very eager to do Stargate Universe, the second Stargate spin-off. Now, it’s just a matter of finding a home for the potential series. Given that Stargate: Continuum looks like it’ll follow Stargate: The Ark of Truth’s lead and blow away projected sales estimates, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that MGM would want to do a couple of more SG-1 movies. The Atlantis season 4 dvd box-set is also selling well, so it’s hard to imagine MGM not wanting to do another season. But this decision rests with the network.


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