Friday, July 25, 2008

Stargate: Continuum - Various articles on Continuum Screening at Comic Con

A variety of web sites are reporting on the special screening of Stargate: Continuum Thursday night at the San Diego Comic Con. Many of these articles also have photography from the event.

Following is a list of links to these articles. I'll try and update this list as more become available, so please check back later in the day for updates.

Associated Content
: The San Diego Comic-Con Unveils Stargate: Continuum

Cinema Blend
: Comic Con: Aircraft Carrier Premiere Of Stargate Continuum

dryope live journal: Stargate Continuum Screening - July 24, 2008

Film School Rejects: Comic-Con Red Carpet: `Stargate' Continues with Continuum

IGN: SDCC 08: Stargate: Continuum Red Carpet

iO9: See Stargate SG-1's Beginnings In A Shiny New Light Plus New Stargate Movie In The Works

Pop Culture Zoo: San Diego Comic Con 2008: `Stargate: Continuum' World Premiere

Publishers Weekly Blog: Comic Con: Star-STUDded Day

Web Petals live journal: I love the X-Men, but Jack O'Neil and Sam Carter? DUDE.

TV Guide Online: From Comic Con 2008, Stargate: Continuum Premieres on the USS Midway

TV Verdict: Comic Con: Day One


Barbara Vey - Publishers Weekly - with Richard Dean Anderson

Barbara Vey - Publishers Weekly - with Christopher Judge


Darren M said...

Thanks for the links Morjana there were some truly excellent photos amongst that lot.

morjana said...


Thank you so much!

I'm working on Links #2 for Stargate Continuum and Links #3 for Stargate Atlantis at Comic Con.