Monday, October 6, 2008

Life After Mars - SciFi Weekly: Jason O'Mara Interview

At SciFi Weekly:

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October 06, 2008

Jason O'Mara and company travel back in time—or do they?—to import (and remake) the British hit Life on Mars

By Mike Szymanski

Detective Sam Tyler wakes up in 1973 after suffering a car accident. He's not sure how he got there, or why he is there, but he knows that he can fight crime and solve mysteries with the knowledge he carries over from the 21st century.

Life on Mars originated in the United Kingdom, but the American version is updated and set in New York. Tyler is played by Jason O'Mara (Resident Evil: Extinction), and his Manhattan counterpart is played by Michael Imperioli, with Harvey Keitel also in the cast.

O'Mara, Imperioli and executive producers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec gave interviews at the Beverly Hilton Hotel at the same time that they were working on the pilot episode of the show, which airs this fall on ABC-TV.

A brief excerpt:

Do the same characters exist from the original pilot?

O'Mara: I'm the only survivor from the original pilot. Call it Irish luck. But I think a lot of fans of the British show will be happy to see that Ray and Chris are in the script. They're back. I think we wanted Phyllis in the pilot, but there may not be time for Phyllis.

Appelbaum: She'll show up eventually.
Nemec: Annie is certainly in the pilot, and Maya's in the pilot as well. Our goal really was to the BBC series. They did a phenomenal job making that show, and we're very excited to just really be of the spirit of that show into New York in 1973.


Anonymous said...

I think this is going to be great! i'm a huge Keitel fan and love Lisa Bonnet. Did you see the preview?

Anonymous said...

Jason O'Mara is hot! I am expecting big things from this show. Did you know that the title actually comes from the David Bowie song? Cant wait for Thursday!