Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sanctuary - Starry Constellation Magazine: Ryan Robbins Interview

At Starry Constellation Magazine:

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by: Lisa Steinberg

... Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?
A) It was the script. I am a big comic book fan and when I got the script and shot the Internet pilot, they asked me if I would be interested. I read it and I thought, "What a great idea! What a great thing to be a part of!" It's ground breaking and people aren't doing anything like this on television, not using a green screen the way we are. The storylines remind me of a graphic novel. Being inside a graphic novel adventure every day at work is like what every episode feels like. It is not your typical Sci-Fi genre. It's definitely got that graphic novel/comic book feel. There are some elements of the "X-Files" in there and there is some elements of X-Men in there. It's all really cool to me.

... Q) Where do you draw from for your portrayal?
A) I draw from some personal experience. The other thing is it is fun to play a character that has an interesting past and Henry definitely has an interesting past. We haven't seen it yet in the show, but it does get revealed half way through the season. That's always fun because it informs a lot of the decisions you would make as the character. That's kind of what is great about Henry. He's funny, sarcastic and all those things, but some of the funniest people have had the most intense lives. That's kind of Henry. He's definitely a very particular architect as far as even comic book characters go. So, I do draw from my experience as a comic book reader...

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