Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - Rachel Luttrell - Starry Constellation Magazine: Audio Interview

At Starry Constellation Magazine (and from February 2007), a Rachel Luttrell interview, with audio download available:

Text Interview

Audio Podcast

A brief excerpt:

Q. When it comes to your portrayals, where do you draw your experiences from?
A. Initially from me, I was born in East Africa, I was born in Tanzania, my mom is Tanzanian. Her perspectives growing up were vastly different from anything that those of us who grew up in the Western World could imagine. I grew up with those stories and influences and having been born there, it was always a very strong part of who our family was. I really used that when I went into the audition, I actually had a picture of my grandparents from my mother's side from Tanzania, and I thought about the closeness they had to the Earth and how separate their lives were from what I knew and I really called upon that.

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