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Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Behind the Scenes: Brain Storm

At MGM Stargate:

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Behind the Scenes: Brain Storm

November 24, 2008 (Episodes)

Writer/Producer Martin Gero has been part of the Stargate universe since Atlantis’ first season, and was a huge part of making the franchise’s first spin-off a success. Here, he discusses directing ‘Brain Storm’ – his last script for the series.

Writer/Director Martin Gero and Jewel Staite (Dr. Jennifer Keller)

A brief excerpt:

Stargate Atlantis without Martin Gero would have been a very different show. The young writer’s style fitted perfectly with the franchise’s established wit, and his ability to add banter to his scripts apparently ad infinitum leant the series some of its funniest moments. Gero has always confessed to a particular affinity with McKay, and so it was supremely fitting that his last script for the series, ‘Brain Storm’, ended up being a McKay-centric story, rounding out one of the on-going arcs for the character – his rather unexpected love story with Jennifer Keller.

For Gero, ‘Brain Storm’ was doubly memorable, since besides being the last script he would write for Stargate Atlantis in series, it would also be his first experience directing a full episode of the show.


“As I was finishing ‘The Lost Tribe’, we were starting to get the first shimmers that we were probably going to wind it down, and then I knew when I was writing ‘Brain Storm’ that that was probably going to be my last Atlantis. And I knew I was going to direct that one, too, so I always wanted to tailor it for me to direct, and to have a good time directing. It just all turned very bittersweet, because ‘Brain Storm’ was, professionally, the most fun I’ve ever had. The crew and the cast didn’t know [about the cancellation], and I did. It actually came out on our last day of ‘Brain Storm’. We told everybody, and it was an emotional day...”

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