Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Stargate Planet: Carl Binder Interview

At Stargate Planet:



Interview with Carl Binder

Carl Binder about his role as scriptwriter at Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis

Autor: S.Schwager

Carl Binder was born in Windsor, ON; Canada and he was a writer on Stargate SG-1 as well as on Stargate Atlantis. He also executive produced several Stargate Atlantis episodes and creatively advised for Stargate SG-1 episodes. We're grateful that he took some time off his busy schedule to answer a few career related questions for our German website visitors.

A brief excerpt: What's your favourite Stargate episode and why?

CB: Of the Atlantis episodes I didn't write, I really love McKay and Mrs. Miller, as well as Remnants and Be All My Sins Remember'd. Of the episodes I did write, it's hard to single out one, so I'll pick a favorite from each season that I've been on staff:

Season 2 - Michael, Season 3 - Phantoms, Season 4 - Missing, Season 5 - The Prodigal.

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