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Sanctuary - SciFi Talk: Episode Previews

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EPISODE #109 "Requiem"

Written By: Damian Kindler
Directed By: Martin Wood

AIRDATE: Friday, December 5, 2008 @ 10PM ET/PT

Responding to a distress call from a peaceful abnormal species deep below the Bermuda Triangle, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) set out on a short underwater mission to investigate. While sending out specialized sonar signals to elicit a response from anyone who might be within range, they discover a grizzly massacre of the half-human abnormals who once lived in the waters.

Bewildered by who, or what, could cause such devastation upon a peaceful species, Magnus retrieves one of the creatures from the water to take back to the Sanctuary for examination, hoping it will shed some light on what could have occurred.

... As Magnus checks the submarine's rate of ascent, she experiences a painful twinge that rapidly increases in intensity. From his bunk, Will hears a crash and rushes to find Magnus collapsed on the floor in excruciating pain. Wracked by inexplicable pressure from the ascent, she demands they take the sub deeper as the only way to alleviate her agony ....



EPISODE #110 "Warriors"

Written By: Peter Mohan
Directed By: Brenton Spencer

AIRDATE: Friday, December 12, 2008 @ 10PM ET/PT

Will (ROBIN DUNNE) receives a call from the wife of a college friend who needs his help finding her missing husband, Danny (BYRON LAWSON). Enlisting Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Ashley (EMILIE ULLERUP), Will and the team follow a lead to an abandoned factory hoping to find a clue to his whereabouts.

The warehouse is void of any activity, but they all sense that something suspicious has been taking place. Dried blood on the floor and evidence of epinephrine lead them to suspect that the space serves as an underground training facility or fight ring. But before they can gather more information, they hear a clatter from a shadowy corner of the room.

Pulling her gun, Magnus approaches the sound and is astonished to find herself looking face to face at a man she is convinced is none other than her father and mentor Gregory...although the roguish man, who calls himself Charlie, vehemently disagrees (JIM BYRNES). Reluctantly, he accompanies the team back to the Sanctuary where Magnus continues to press him for information about the fight ring and who might be behind it. All the while, she tries to fathom how this man could possibly look so much like her deceased father, yet behave so differently than the medical pioneer she loved and revered ...



EPISODE #111 "Instinct"

Written By: Damian Kindler
Directed By: S.A. Adelson

AIRDATE: Friday, December 19, 2008 @ 10PM ET/PT

Hungry for their first exclusive on-air story, local news reporter Amy Saunders (REKHA SHARMA) and camera operator Zach Spencer (MATTY FINOCHIO) arrive at a shipping warehouse where three people have been brutally attacked and killed by a mysterious creature. While the police and port authorities work out how to best handle the situation, Amy and Zach slip inside the evacuated building, determined to expose whoever or whatever, is wreaking havoc.

Unfortunately, they have no idea what they're really up against. With the camera rolling, it doesn't take long before the inexperienced Amy and Zach find themselves face to face with the horrific and powerful creature.

Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), Will (ROBIN DUNNE), Ashley (EMILIE ULLERUP) and, Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) gain access to the warehouse just in time to intercept the creature's imminent attack on Amy and Zach ...



EPISODE #112 "Revelations - Part One"

Story By: Damian Kindler & Sam Egan
Teleplay By: Sam Egan
Directed By: Martin Wood

AIRDATE: Friday, , January 2, 2009 @ 10PM ET/PT

At the Sanctuary, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) briefs the team on a series of attacks in which abnormals are viciously assaulting humans. The unprovoked pattern of violence seems to follow the air stream indicating an airborne virus or biological agent that seems to incite aberrant behavior. The team is not certain if this is a naturally
occurring event or intentional biological warfare.

Magnus isn't the only one who recognizes the seriousness of the situation. Before long, an unwelcome John Druitt (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) arrives at the Sanctuary with information that the Cabal is behind the infectious outbreak of violence. At the same time Magnus is contacted by Dr. James Watson (PETER WINGFIELD), another member of The Five and head of the UK Sanctuary, with further substantiation of the
Cabal's involvement.

Both Druitt and Watson bring evidence of the agent for Magnus to examine. Although now exposed themselves to the potential cause of the outbreak, Magnus, Druitt and Watson do not appear to be affected. Magnus deciphers that an antigen found only in the blood of The Five likely protects them.

It stands to reason then, that if the blood of The Five renders them immune to the deadly pathogen, then the Source blood from which they were all injected may be the key to protecting other abnormals from the disease.

But the only remaining vial of Source blood has been hidden and protected by Magnus's father in a labyrinth under the lost city of Bhalasamm in India. There, five keys are concealed, each retrievable only by the unique powers of The Five. This was his failsafe way to ensure that the precious and powerful blood could never fall into the wrong hands. However, the only way to retrieve the keys...and
therefore the blood... is for The Five to seek it together.

Although Magnus, Druitt and Watson are already gathered, the team has no way of finding the two remaining members of the group. After her last encounter with Nikola Tesla (JOHNATHAN YOUNG) in Rome, Magnus is unsure if he is even alive. And the fifth member of the elite group, Nigel Griffin, died half a century ago ...


REVELATIONS - PART TWO - Season One Finale Episode!

EPISODE #112 "Revelations - Part Two"

Story By: Damian Kindler & Sam Egan
Teleplay By: Damian Kindler
Directed By: Martin Wood

AIRDATE: Friday, January 9, 2009 @ 10PM ET/PT

After being ambushed at the Cabal's weapons facility, Ashley (EMILIE ULLERUP) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) find themselves separated and restrained, unaware of the other's whereabouts or safety.

Tied to a chair on an electrically charged floor, Ashley meets Dana Whitcomb (LYNDA BOYD), who reveals that the worldwide release of their devastating bio-chemical agent will go ahead as intended, in spite of their attempts to impede the plan.

In a separate room surrounded by Cabal medical personnel, Henry pleads for answers from his captors while strapped to a gurney and hooked up to monitoring equipment. While surgeons methodically work around him, one doctor reveals that they intend to chemically induce his natural transformation into his alter-ego, a predatory life- form...permanently.

Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), Will, (ROBIN DUNNE), and Druitt (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL), along with Dr. Watson (PETER WINGFIELD) and Clara (CHRISTINE CHATELAIN) continue their trek through the overgrown wasteland that was once the beautiful city of Bhalasaam. It is here that they hope to retrieve the Source blood - their one defense
against the effects of the Cabal's pending bio-chemical attack ...

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