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Stargate: Universe - TV Squad: Ten: New shows to look forward to in 2009

At TV Squad:

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TV Squad Ten: New shows to look forward to in 2009 - VIDEO

Posted Dec 30th 2008 1:01PM by Mike Moody

Enough looking back already! Let's forget that 2008 was a mostly dismal year for TV and focus on the future. From sci-fi detectives to modern Mad Men, the 2009 TV season has a lot to offer. Here are ten new shows to keep on your radar (listed by premiere date).

1. The United States of Tara, premieres January 18 on Showtime
2. Trust Me, premieres Jan. 26 on TNT
3. Dollhouse, premieres Feb. 13 on FOX
4. Castle, premieres March 9 on ABC
5. Kings, premieres March 19 on NBC
6. Cupid, premieres March 24 on ABC
7. The Untitled Amy Poehler Project, slated to premiere in spring on NBC
8. Sit Down, Shut Up, slated to premiere in spring on FOX

9. Stargate Universe, premieres next summer on Sci Fi

The casting of Scottish actor Robert Carlyle as the lead has me excited about this upcoming Stargate series. So far, creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper haven't offered many details about Universe. All we know is that it follows a crew of civilians and scientists trapped on an Ancient ship that jumps throughout the far reaches of space. Wright and Cooper are also telling fans to expect "edgier" elements, a young cast and more character-themed storylines than we've seen from Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Some fans have already tagged this thing Stargate: 90210, but I think we might see something fresh and unexpected with Universe.

10. Warehouse 13, slated to premiere next summer on Sci Fi

I'm also curious about Lie To Me and Merlin. What are you looking forward to watching in '09?

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