Thursday, January 15, 2009

Galactica 1980 - Video: 'Conquest of the Earth'

Courtesy of HULU, Galactica 1980's 'Conquest of the Earth,' starring Lorne Greene, Kent McCord, Barry Van Dyke, Robyn Douglass, Robbie Rist, Richard Lynch, Patrick Stuart and John Colicos. Guest stars include Sharon Acker, Robert Reed, Pamela Susan Shoop and Christopher Stone.

Galactica 1980 - Conquest of the Earth

Season 1 : Ep. 1|1:38:39|

Far out in space, the ship Battlestar Galactica has at last found its long-sought haven -- Earth. Unfortunately, not far behind are their mortal enemies, the Cylons, who are determined to wipe out every Earthling in the Galaxy.

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