Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stargate: Universe - Joseph Mallozzi's Blog - Production Updates Apr 23 '09

From Joseph Mallozzi's blog update for April 23, 2009:

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April 23, 2009: It’s Like That Episode Of SG-1 Where The Team Has To Introduce A Foreign Element Into the Sun Of Another Planet In Order To Save The World’s Inhabitants Except That Instead Of “The Team” It’s “Me” And Instead of “Introducing A Foreign Element Into A Sun” It’s “Making This Entry” And Instead Of “Save The World’s Inhabitants” It’s “Entertain The Readers Of This Blog”. Oh, And A Production Update.

... Will Waring is directing Brian J. Smith (Lt. Scott) and Justin Louis (Col. Young) over on Stage 2 (set codename: Hoth).

Director Andy Mikita is over on Stage 4 taking a wandering camera tour of the Destiny set.

Robert Cooper is working on his producer’s cut of Earth and is awaiting notes on his brilliant script for Time as his prep week approaches.

Brad Wright shifts gears after putting out both Darkness and Light, looking to hammer down the story for episode 13.

My writing partner Paul [Mullie] continues work on Divided. According to him, there’s a lot of story and he fears the script may go long. Which would be par for the course.

Carl Binder will be assuming revision duties on Faith, episode 12.

Oh, and I found the time to do another pass on that Atlantis movie script. I wanted to have another go at the Beckett-Teyla scene but was sidetracked by a new script, an impromptu writer’s meeting, lunch (priorities, yes?), and an all new, all tight producer’s cut of Air I and II. That Destiny is a mighty cool-looking ship.

Finally, a reminder to Producer John G. Lenic, who has been with the franchise since The Children of the Gods pilot, will be taking your questions, so if you want to ask him anything about his 10 years on SG-1, 5 years on Atlantis, 2 SG-1 movies, or his time on Universe, start posting…

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