Monday, May 3, 2010

TV Guide Canada - Stephen Fry Interview

At TV Guide Canada:

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Fry’s ‘Kingdom’

By Greg David

Famed Brit talks new series [Kingdom - new to Canada], ‘Bones’ and ‘House’

“National treasure” is a pretty lofty title, but it’s apt for Stephen Fry. The towering British actor has been a staple of U.K. television since 1982 when he starred in The Cellar Tapes alongside future House star Hugh Laurie, performing sketches as part of a comedy troupe.

... Fry took some time out from putting the finishing touches on his latest book to give us an exclusive on Kingdom, Bones, a reunion with Hugh Laurie and devotion to his iPad.

A brief excerpt:

TVG: You’re in Los Angeles and shooting a Fox series. Hugh Laurie is on a little show called House on Fox. Is he working at getting you on House in a guest role?
SF: We were going to do that a couple of years ago and it clashed with something I was doing, and by the time I had time to do it they had story arc with a guest character (David Morse’s detective), and they didn’t feel that they had anything good enough for me to do. And then I had the Bones character.

It’s really sweet because they shoot next to one another so Hugh and I have lunch together in the commissary or one of our caravans. I see him all the time, but there are no plans to have me on. He’s starting a new season in June. It’s a great show, and we’re all so proud of Hugh. It’s an amazing achievement.

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