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Stargate Universe - Collider: Remi Aubuchon Exclusive Interview

At Collider:

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Executive Producer Remi Aubuchon Exclusive Interview PERSONS UNKNOWN

by Christina Radish Posted: July 5th, 2010

From Academy Award-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie and executive producers Heather McQuarrie and Remi Aubuchon, Persons Unknown is NBC’s one-hour mystery drama, in which a group of seven strangers must come together to solve the puzzle of their lives.

All of them have been taken from their families and have arrived in a deserted town with no recollection of how they got there, and they must rely on each other to get out. While being held hostage, the strangers are constantly watched by security cameras with no idea who or what is behind them, and every attempt to leave is thwarted by unforeseen circumstances. At every turn, these strangers are threatened physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Showrunner Remi Aubuchon recently talked exclusively to Collider about developing the 13-episode series, figuring out how to gradually reveal the show’s mysteries to viewers and what he loves about the sci-fi/mystery genre. He also promises that fans will be freaked out by the end and that they’ll never see it coming.


Photo of Remi Abuchon courtesy of Joseph Mallozzi's blog

A brief excerpt:

... What is your involvement with “Stargate Universe”? Are you on that as a writer?
Remi: I’m on it as a writer and a consulting producer. I’ve always liked that show, and I was happy that they were looking for an extra person. It seemed like a good match. I’m having a blast.

... As a producer and a writer, how much can you take on at one time, before you start to feel overwhelmed?
Remi: I have found that I can definitely do two things at once. If I can schedule them properly, I can even try to squeeze in three. After that, I’m gone. I once had a year where I was writing two pilot scripts, working on a show and supervising another writer doing a pilot, and I was afraid, during the whole time, that I was going to piss someone off, and I ended up actually really making myself crazy and mad.

So, I’ve decided that my ideal is two things at once. With that, I’m pretty happy. I’m working on “Stargate Universe” and I do have two pilots that I’m writing for next year, but I’ve told everybody that I have to spread them out. I’ll be done with “Stargate Universe” in October, and I’ll be delivering one pilot script by the end of the year, and then another script by the first of the year. That’s how I’ve done it.

I’ve also been doing this for awhile now. Early in my career, I was just afraid that no one would hire me again, so I wanted to do whatever it was that was brought before me. Now, I’m a little more discerning and want to do things well, one at a time. That’s easier for me.

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