Monday, July 5, 2010

Stargate Universe - SFX Magazine: Exclusive Video - David Blue Interview

Courtesy of SFX Magazine:

EXCLUSIVE Stargate Universe Video Interviews – Day One

Interview by Jayne Nelson

Season one of Stargate Universe hits DVD and Blu-ray this week and, to celebrate, we’re hosting an exclusive series of interviews with the cast filmed on the set of the Destiny!

Today we meet David Blue, who gives us the dish on his character, Eli – who we suspect is supposed to represent the geek in all of us… Needless to say, we like him. (Oh, and anyone looking for season two spoilers? We were on set all day and didn’t learn a thing. It’s extra super-special Top Secret, guys!)

Stargate Universe David Blue Interview (1)

Stargate star talks about the fans

Stargate Universe David Blue Interview (2)

David Blue talks about his character

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