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Stargate Universe - Diva Asia: Ming Na: I've never strived to be super famous

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Stargate Universe Ming Na: I've never strived to be super famous


Mon, Aug 02, 2010

by Germaine Lim

AGE is not kind to any actor. But that’s not the only factor working against 47-year-old US actress Ming-Na.

She is also a minority Asian American in white-dominated Hollywood.

Talk about a double whammy.

Macau-born Ming-Na, who moved to the US when she was four, admits that there are fewer roles “written specifically for us as Asian characters” in Hollywood.

Speaking to The New Paper over the phone from Vancouver, she said: “There will always be limitations. But I’ve never strived to be super famous.

“I just love my work and feel blessed to get a part I like. Careers like (The Golden Girls veteran actress) Betty White’s are few and far between.

“Seventy per cent of my characters have not been written for Asians, like Camile Wray (in US sci-fi TV series Stargate Universe). I’ll just keep acting because it pays the bills and keeps me busy...”

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