Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stargate Universe - GateWorld: Podcast #98 - The Science of SGU

At GateWorld:

GateWorld Podcast: The Science of SGU


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Is it conceivable to power a ship with the stars themselves? Are alien lifeforms like the dust devil and the blue “Space” aliens really evolutionary possibilities? And how does faster-than-light travel work? This week on the GateWorld Podcast we examine the science of Stargate Universe, with a special guest expert on hand to discuss how the television series lines up with real-world science. Astronomer and science fiction writer Diane Turnshek joins David and Darren to talk about all this, and more.

It’s the first of our final three shows of the summer! Stay tuned next week for our discussion of Ancient history, followed by the 100th Episode Bash on August 4.

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