Friday, March 7, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - David Hewlett Interview

From's SciFi & Fantasy section:

(NOTE: This is a very LENGTHY interview - FIVE pages!)

Interview: David Hewlett

From Mark Wilson,
Your Guide to Sci-Fi / Fantasy.

A brief excerpt:

In advance of the season 4 finale of Stargate Atlantis, "The Last Man" (March 7, 2008), I had a chance to talk with the very funny and charming "king of the nerds," David Hewlett, who plays the sometimes insufferable astrophysicist Dr. Rodney McKay.


MW: Did you ever wonder whether fans would "get" Rodney -- that they would get past Rodney's difficulty to see his complexity and potential?

DH: "You're talking about what an absolute ass he was, basically. When I first discovered that I was actually going to be doing it again -- when I went in for SG-1 and I did those episodes there [starting with Rodney’s introduction in the season 5 SG-1 episode “48 Hours”], I was first very surprised that I came back at all, because he was such an incredibly caustic character. So I was kind of with the fans. I was like, "My god, why would they -- ? Of all the people to bring back, why are they bringing this guy back?"

MW: And all the other Atlantis characters are so nice.

DH: "They're all nice people, and there's this just absolute arrogant jerk. And my biggest concern was that they were going to soften him up, turn him into a nice guy all of a sudden. They've done a very good job of walking that fine line between making him -- not more likable, but he's sort of more understandable."

**massive snippage**

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