Monday, June 2, 2008

Bones - Digital Spy: Hart Hanson Interview

From Digital Spy (UK):

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Hart Hanson (Executive Producer, 'Bones')

Friday, May 30 2008, 19:59 BST

By Adam Tanswell and Nick Levine, Music Editor

Photo courtesy of FOX

What happens when a sniper-turned-FBI Agent teams up with a brilliant but socially limited forensic anthropologist to solve murders that seem, well, pretty much unsolvable? A smash hit US drama series, that's what. With season three of Bones recently concluding in jaw-dropping fashion, exec producer Hart Hanson tells us what's to come for Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan in the future.

How are plans coming along for season four?

"They [the US network] started ordering episodes for season four, but we never got the call to say we’d been picked up for it until upfronts week. Now people are starting to talk about season five and I’m thinking, 'Jeez, I hope this show holds.' I don’t want to call the president of the network and ask if it’s true because maybe he’ll say no. Our audience follows us around from timeslot to timeslot – and we’ve been steadily building an audience, so I hope it does."


How do you feel about David Boreanaz directing some of the episodes next season?

"David is going to be great. He’s been asking not to be written out of any scenes in the show before because he’s like that – but we really should write him down a little bit so that he can properly prep his episode. If you see an episode where you don’t see David as much as you’d like to next season, the following episode will be the one that he directs. Keep your eyes peeled."


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