Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eureka - Star Telegram: A conversation with Colin Ferguson

From the Dallas-Ft. Worth Star Telegram (Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX):

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A conversation with Colin Ferguson of 'Eureka'


Colin Ferguson, star of the SciFi Channel series Eureka, admits he’s being shallow. But if ever he got a chance to use one of the show’s fantastic inventions and innovations, he says he’d be drawn to one that’s rich in gee-whiz entertainment value. “I’m a sucker for a good toy,” he says. Ferguson, who plays Sheriff Jack Carter, a common man in a community of scientific geniuses, says it “sort of speaks volumes about how self-centered I am.” His costars, when discussing their favorite Eureka gadgets, have singled out one “grandiose invention” or another, each with potential to change the world as we know it. “But I go back [the episode titled] ‘Blink,’” Ferguson says. “If I could run really fast and be like the Flash -– maybe it just sort of keys into the 10-year-old boy inside of me -– but I think that just seems like the coolest thing.” Either that or he’d want to take Eureka’s hoverboard for a test drive. “They’re such incidental inventions as far as the show goes,” Ferguson notes. “But that’s what I’d really, really enjoy.” And maybe that’s the key to the show’s popularity. Eureka is a place where the grandiose and the goofy can co-exist. The show begins its third season (eight this summer, to be followed by 13 more in early 2009) on SciFi at 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 29.


How ahead of the curve is the show scientifically? Like, do any of the Eureka innovations, something that was purely fictional when introduced on the show, exist in the real world today?

“Yeah, I’d say the PDAs. We came out with those tiny little PDAs that they use on the show. I don’t know how big they are, maybe a matchbox and a half, and all they are is a screen. There’s no touch pad, there’s no nothing. When we started using them, the iPhone wasn’t out. And it’s fun now to see that that’s the way that a lot of the phones are going.”

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