Thursday, September 4, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - SciFi Now: Edward James Olmos Interview

At SciFi Now:

(Please follow the link for the complete interview excerpt from SciFi Now Magazine Issue # 17.)

Interviews Issue 17

Edward James Olmos

Admiral Adama talks to us about the final season of Galactica, life after the show, and the politics of division

A brief excerpt:

Over the course of the show we’ve seen the character of Adama change from quite a strict military leader at the twilight of his career to an almost paternal figure. Have you been happy with the evolution of the character?
EJO: "This has been the strongest and most in-depth character I’ve ever developed in the medium of fictional events. Ever. It’s not been simple, it’s very complex and I think that as you get towards seeing the final chapters… it’s overwhelming, what’s about to happen. The character is going to become something that you’re not going to believe is really possible. It’s not a happy ending, not much left, it’s not a situation where you can get to a point of saying to yourself “gosh, you know, that was kind of predictable”. I mean, all the arcs, of all the characters have been amazing, but this one is sad. He does break down, he goes to the bottom of the pit and just squirms around in there and it’s really difficult for him to carry on. He has what he had at the beginning, but he’s learned an awful lot..."

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