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Sanctuary - Newsarama: Sci-Fi Queen Amanda Tapping

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From Stargates to Sanctuaries: Sci-Fi Queen Amanda Tapping

By Steven Eramo

posted: 22 September 2008

Flashlights in hand, Dr. Helen Magnus, her associate Dr. Will Zimmerman and daughter Ashley search the darkened interior of a warehouse, whose floor is spotted with blood. An object on the ground catches Will’s eye and his picks it up to examine it. Suddenly, the three hear something moving behind a nearby shelving unit. Pulling out her gun, Magnus cautiously moves forward as a figure stumbles out of the shadows and knocks over various items on a metal trolley in front of him. Using a hand to shield his eyes from the probing beams of three flashlights, the man looks up at Helen. Although he denies knowing her, she clearly recognizes him.

“Cut! That was great!” says director Brenton Spencer.

The above is a scene from a first season Sanctuary episode entitled "The Warriors", in which Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) is forced to literally fight for his life, while Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) has an unexpected reunion. “This story brings back someone from my character’s past,” reveals Tapping, sitting down in a corner of Helen’s Victorian-inspired library for a chat. “It’s a weird kind of mind warp for her because nobody believes who she says this person is, and even he doesn’t believe who she says he is. So Helen must try to convince those around her of his true identity.
“At the same time she, Will and Ashley [Emilie Ullerup] are dealing with a big threat to everything they do in the form of this not-so-secret society called The Cabal, who we’ve touched upon in previous episodes. This particular story starts out with a search for a friend of Will’s who has gone missing. In the process, Will is kidnapped and has some horrific things happen to him. It’s quite an emotional journey for him and Helen. It’s that slow burn where something is happening, no one is buying it and nobody believes us. It’s a very cool episode,” she enthuses...

Sanctuary premieres on the SciFi Channel on Friday, October 3 '08 at 9pm.

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