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Stargate Atlantis / SG1 - Diamond Select Toys: Blog Update Sept 19 '08

From Diamond Select Toys' Art Asylum Blog update for September 19, 2008:

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Stargate Atlantis series three action figures, available Nov. 26 '08

September 19, 2008 : Ask DST Q&A #7

This week it's all about Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica! Chuck answers your questions about character selection (we get it, you like Carson!!!), likeness rights and approvals as well as the status of classic Battlestar Galactica figures!

...Leesa Perrie
Please can we have more Stargate: Atlantis figures? Especially Carson Beckett and Radek Zelenka, though Major Lorne and Chuck the technician as well would be great! In fact, the more the better. Even though the show has been cancelled, fandom is and will still be going strong for some years, as the fandom for Stargate: SG1 is still going strongly, so please don't abandon the franchise. Thank you.
DSTChuck: As of now we have no plans to stop making Stargate figures of either franchise.

...Brian Petersen
For the sake of Matching, will we ever get to see a bare-armed and tattooed Starbuck figure to match with the Sam Anders? Or is it possible we might see a Viper Pilot Anders? It'd be great to see the couple match. Will Laura Roslin and Bill Adama be featured with or without glasses? If they are, will the glasses be removable much like Daniel Jackson in the first wave of Stargate? I really love the increase in interesting accessories that come with the Stargate lines and I noticed in the past that whenever a wave gets delayed, usually we get more accessories than originally shown at Toy Fares and Comic Cons. Was Wave 3 of Atlantis delayed because of some new accessories we may be receiving? Any Anti-Replicator Guns (that were prominent in Season 4) by chance? In a past toy show, I saw a photo of potential garrison uniforms Carter and Teal'c that had a tag marked "pending approval." Will we eventually see these? Why was the field Ops Weir changed to a black ops paint job? I was really looking forward to the one with original paint job. Any chance of this being an exclusive release in the future? Will the Season 10 2-pack Teal'c figure include accessories that didn't come with the Black Ops Teal'c or no accessories at all? Also: Is his hair painted or is it a simple re-release. Sadly, none of the existing pictures of the figure show the white patch the character has in Unending.
DSTChuck: Umm ok WOW that's a bunch of questions! Let me see if I can cover them all..

We have no plans to "match" all the characters we do, but yes there are some more cool versions we can do for Starbuck and Anders.

We're not sure about the glasses yet but if we do them we'd lean towards removable.

There is no relationship between delays and accessories. The main reason you end up seeing more as we go along is we don't like to bring lots of accessories to shows, they end up getting lost and are hard to display well.

The BDU outfits were shown when we first started with the license to gauge interest in exclusives. We sold some exclusives but decided to pull back on that idea for SG and keep it tighter. We've releases SOME of those outfits as time has gone on and if we can we'll get as much of the original team out as we can.

Honestly I don't remember the reason for the Weir change, sorry.

The Season 10 two pack will come with the much requested transport rings.

And last… yes, Teal'c's hair will have the white streak in it.

...Kevin Gomolchak
After Stargate: Universe premieres, will there be figures made for the show like the other series?
DSTChuck: We're interested for sure! We'll have to see what the show looks like and how the fans respond before we commit to figures.

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