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Stargate Atlantis - MGM Stargate: Close Up: Kate Hewlett

At MGM Stargate:

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Close Up: Kate Hewlett

September 1, 2008 (Actors)

If you thought “The Shrine” was emotional to watch, spare a thought for Kate Hewlett!

Since Kate Hewlett began playing the recurring character of Jeannie Miller on Stargate Atlantis, she’s had to deal with a lot. And we don’t just mean as the on-screen sister of Rodney McKay (not to mention the real-life sister of David Hewlett). Best known in her native Canada as a comedy actress, her visits to Atlantis have seen the actress dealing with everything from action to green-screen. And with “The Shrine”, Kate found herself dealing with something new yet again.
“I’m not going to lie,” she laughs. “It was very nerve wracking, actually. Just because I’ve never had to do that before – I’ve never had to do any kind of crying or anything like that before on film, so that was pretty scary. It’s definitely not my comfort zone – I’m definitely more comfortable doing comedy. So it was a really good experience.” It was very different,” she says of the episode, “and I think part of that is that Martin Gero wrote the first two and this one was Brad [Wright], so there was less banter and less witty dialogue. But I really enjoyed seeing the other side of the character and exploring that a little bit, and also trying to find ways to get that in there, to keep that humour...”

Sadly, Kate reports that so far, she hasn’t had another call back for Stargate Atlantis fifth season, and with the news that the show will not be returning for a sixth season, “The Shrine” may prove to be the last time we see Jeannie. Fingers crossed that she’ll turn up in the finale – or maybe even sooner!

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