Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stargate Atlantis - SciFi Magazine Oct '08 Issue - Joseph Mallozzi Interview

From SciFi Magazine's October 2008 Issue, page 28:


Stargate Atlantis

There's a good chunk of Stargate Atlantis' fifth and final season left before the series signs off in January 2009. As the season continues, "there is more of the galactic power shift," says executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. "With the Wraith weakened, the various planets that have in lived in fear of the Wraith for so long are suddenly able to step up, and they created kind of a galactic U.N."

In "Inquisition," Atlantis is taken to task for wakening the Wraith and "the Atlantis members are put on trial. As a number of fans have pointed out, has the Atlantis expedition done more harm than good in the Pegasus Galaxy?" says Mallozzi.

Then, in "Outsiders," Paul McGillion returns as Carson Beckett in a story about the Wraith's search for survivors who've been exposed to the Hoffan virus. In "The Prodigal," Michael attacks Atlantis in an attempt to kidnap Teyla's baby.

And then in "Brain Storm," Dave Foley (NewsRadio) guest-stars as a successful former rival of McKay's named Tunney. After getting an invitation to visit Tunney on Earth, McKay discovers his old rival is "working on his own green initiative, the means to eliminate greenhouse gases and sending the heat out that way," says Mallozzi. "The only problem is, once the bridge is activated, he can't turn it off, and the temperature drops and drops," creating a dangerous situation that just may force the former rivals to work together.

While Stargate Atlantis will end its five-year run this season, SciFi has announced plans for a two-hour Atlantis movie, which is set to air following the end of the series.

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