Friday, February 13, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - Zap2It: Kate Vernon Interview

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Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh)

'Battlestar Galactica's' Final Cylon Is Back This Friday... & She's Talking.

Korbi Ghosh on February 12

When it was revealed last month that Ellen Tigh was Battlestar Galactica's final Cylon, the fan reaction was decidedly mixed. Understandably so. The character had been dead since season three and some viewers felt the last Cylon should be a more prominent player. However, now that we know Ellen is the one, it puts a few of her past actions into perspective, and yet raises several questions at the same time. KTV reporter Marisa Roffman chatted with Kate Vernon -- who comes back to the show tomorrow night -- to get her take on her character's big reveal, how long she's known about it, how long Ellen's known and why, at one point, she thought she'd burned her bridge with Battlestar...

A brief excerpt:

Fans first suspected Ellen might be a Cylon when Tigh started seeing visions of her while interrogating Six. Was that foreshadowing or was he just feeling guilty about his role in Ellen’s death?
I think it’s both. Saul and Ellen have an ancient relationship now. Now that everyone knows who we are, it’s clear that these two people have been connected and involved and married for thousands of years. And they’re very much a part of each other. So for him to mix with another female that is blonde and blue eyed and tall, it was like an overlay of his tremendous guilt for poisoning the woman that he truly loves and who he truly wants. I think it was part of his grieving process. When someone you love dies, you try and let them go and move on with your life, but you can’t help but have this weird holographic memory of your past lover.

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