Friday, May 1, 2009

Richard Dean Anderson - Beyond Betrayal Repeated May 3 '09

Richard Dean Anderson's made-for-tv movie from '94, 'Beyond Betrayal' is repeated May 3 '09 at 7am on LMN - the Lifetime MOVIE Network.

Please be sure to confirm the times with your local listings -- 'Beyond Betrayal,' starring Richard Dean Anderson and Susan Dey.

Richard stars as a sociopathic cop searching for the estranged wife he has abused, played by Susan Dey. Although she has gone into hiding, she is unable to escape the threat he poses, both to her, and to the new man in her life.

This is one of Mr. Anderson's few "dark roles" -- and he provides a chilling performance, as his character, Bradley Matthews, journeys further away from redemption.

Filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada, there are some other familiar faces from Stargate SG-1 in the cast, including: Tamsin Kelsey (Thor's Hammer and Thor's Chariot), Jerry Wasserman (Touchstone and Inauguration) and Robin Mossley (Window of Opportunity and Morpheus).

From Entertainment Tonight in 1994, a video clip with Richard Dean Anderson and Susan Dey on the set of "Beyond Betrayal," as they perform a stunt in the movie, with the assistance of Dan Shea. (The quality of the video is not perfect, my apologies.)

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