Friday, July 9, 2010

Eureka - USA Weekend: Colin Ferguson Interview

At USA Weekend:

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Colin Ferguson talks ‘Eureka’ season premiere and reboot

July 9th, 2010 by Brian Truitt

Colin Ferguson is living a charmed life. If only he could take advantage of all of it. The Eureka star is getting all sorts of offers for directing other shows’ episodes, but being a producer this year on his Syfy series, as well as directing an episode in Eureka’s fourth season (premiering tonight), Ferguson just doesn’t have the time. It’s just as well since Eureka — which is “definitely a well-oiled machine at this point,” Ferguson says — is in for some MAJOR changes and a definite show reboot starting with tonight’s episode. The town of Eureka, a haven for genius scientists and their wacky inventions and discoveries, is celebrating its Founder’s Day, and Sheriff Jack Carter (Ferguson) and other townsfolk wind up back in 1947, where they run into a military outfit and one of those Eureka founders, Dr. Trevor Grant (played by former Battlestar Galactica mainstay James Callis). Ferguson is on vacation and spending some time visiting his parents near Toronto before heading to Comic-Con in a couple weeks, but he called in Wednesday to chat about what this season holds for him and what he has in common with the canine population. Read below for our Q&A (WARNING: Spoilery bits ahead, so you may want to hold off reading till after tonight’s episode).


A brief excerpt:

What I like about Carter is even though we’ve had three seasons of scientific nuttiness, he still has that youthful enthusiasm for all the things going on around him. Does that cross over for you in terms of enthusiasm for something new from the writers every episode?
It comes from both of us. I think that’s what they saw in me that they see in themselves real well. I’ve always been compared to a dog as a person: “You’re just so like a dog!” Because I am. I’m loyal and I do my thing, and at the same time you’re just like, “What’s that?!” I’m always game for whatever’s going on. I know it comes for me very naturally, and the writers are always so excited. Even if it’s a terrible idea — because sometimes they are, right? — they’re like, “We got this idea! It’s going to be great! There’s this little button and it sticks in your neck…” And we’re going, “That’s a terrible idea!” Everyone is very giving with their enthusiasm and that’s very genuine.

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